SMACO Scuba Diving Camoro underwater sea scooter 1000w electric scooter underwater propeller


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Magicjet underwater scooter Specs

Long running time

Battery running time up to 60 minutes with a whole unit underwater pluggable design, it allows you to swap it in a minute and brings you a wonderful underwater journey

Power in your palm

1.8m/s fast speed, dive depth up to 50m(164ft), satisfy your curiosity about the deep sea.

Safe to dive

It can indicate the battery remaining capacity to keep you safe. The propellers are designed with a safe protective net to prevent fingers from accidental injury

2-in-1 modular

Use two scooters in parallel for a better experience, making it more powerful and faster. 3 camera mounts – Multi-directional shooting.


MagicJet will not disturbance to the sea creatures, which brings you more immersive diving experience.

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