SMACO S400 1L Mini Scuba Tank

(29 customer reviews)

SMACO Scuba Tank Diving Gear for Diver 1L Mini Scuba Tank Diving Cylinder with 15-20 Minutes Underwater Breathing Portable Diving Tank Kit for Underwater Exploration Emergency Rescue Pony Bottle S400.


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SMACO S400, a mini diving tank that allows you to stay between 15 and 20 minutes underwater, with regulator and 1L capacity.

 Brand    SMACO Type    S400
 Color    Green Black N.W    2.33kg
 Using time    15-20 minutes Size    36 × 6.8 × 8.9cm
 Material    6061 Aviation Aluminum Capacity    1 L
 Max working pressure     3000psi/200bar/20Mpa Surface Technology     Hard oxidation + Plastic spraying
 Breathing valve thread     M18×1.5 Output way    Constant pressure is about 1Mpa
 Inflatable male     8mm Breathing times     (Calculated at 0.5L per breath) About 340 times

Do you need to dive underwater for a few minutes? This mini scuba diving tank is the solution, which guarantees you 340 breaths underwater, great, isn’t it?

Lightweight equipment for diving

This mini scuba tank is only the size of a bottle of water and allows you to dive to a depth of 3 meters. It is completely independent, allowing you to breathe underwater for a few minutes to pick up things or untie ropes stuck in the ship’s propeller.

An unprecedented experience

We knew that people use mini scuba tanks for recreational diving, yacht maintenance, lobstering, treasure hunting, fossil hunting, etc. … There are so many SMACO feedback videos from all over the world. If you are a professional diving enthusiast or a diving beginner, don’t hesitate to get your spare diving artifact.

More delicate details

High-precision instrument underwater fluorescent display Breathing mouthpiece Ergonomic design, comfortable to use and not easy to fall Pressure relief valve Press and hold moderately for easy pressure relief.

Three kinds of inflation air ways

High hand pump Manually pump up to 1000-1200 times.
Refill adapter Large bottles guide vials the fastest and most convenient, fill up in about 10 seconds.
Electronic pump Plug and play fill in about 26 minutes.

Do not stand directly above the product during inflation.
Always relieve pressure after inflation is completed, otherwise, it will cause danger.
Max pressure of Inflatable: 3000PSI/200BAR/20MPA


SMACO S400 diving gear adopts a constant pressure air outlet device to make the air outlet pressure constant, making breathing very easy.At the same time, an external explosion-proof valve design is adopted, which makes the explosion-proof index more accurate and safer to use.
S500 mini scuab tank Certification


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29 reviews for SMACO S400 1L Mini Scuba Tank

  1. Duramany23 (verified owner)

    Purchased to be primarily used as an emergency out of air backup for shore dives. Extremely impressed with build quality. Appears to be very well made and of solid construction.
    Going to get it filled and take it out for a spin on my next dive. Debating on upgrading the regulator. The one provided seems adequate for my intended scope but you can never be too safe. Will most likely post a follow-up review.

  2. Amy Qiu (verified owner)

    This tank is very cool. It doesn’t come with a pump, you would need to purchase that packages. IT does take a very long time to pump the tank full, and midway it’s very hard to pump. The pressure is very tight. But it works great, easy to in take air. We were only able to pump it to half way, and it lasted about 8 mins. I would suggest to get the air compressor.

  3. Betty Bailey (verified owner)

    Great unit and extremely reasonable price. I am a certified scuba diver with 100+ Successful dives. Honestly I am extremely impressed with how well All the components of this product work. Exactly what you would expect from high-end professional diving equipment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to family and friends they want to get a refresher in before they go on vacation with scuba diving planned. As a lot of us are not able to go as much as we would like to this is a great way to get acclimated and ready so that you can enjoy the dives you have planned.

  4. Jasper J Harrison (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Just got back from the coast. Had to fill and assemble at scuba shop. Held about 250 breaths (I am a big guy).
    Will use again next weekend.
    Pump is a workout and I may need to get an electric pump when I dive away from a scuba shop. We’ll see.. Great unit. Very Happy. Holds tight to body with strap or carry in hand. Surprising quality.
    Had so much fun.

  5. Terra Rae (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this tank. It is well made and durable. The regulator works really well. I can breath as easy out of it as my normal regulator. It comes with the backpack style case to use underwater. If you use the case to hold the bottle on your back you can not see the gauge, so be aware of that. Also you will need a way to fill this bottle. I have the attachment that allows me to fill it off a full size tank. It is best to fill it off a full tank as it will only transfer as much pressure as the full tank has. You can also purchase a high pressure hand or electric pump. This tank is easy to assemble and disassemble if you want to be able to travel with it. It also comes with an extra set of o-rings, so that is nice.

  6. Christian (verified owner)

    Haven’t gotten a chance to try it out under water but the quality is really good. The case fits everything perfectly and it even comes with a case for the tank that you can wear. Really happy with this.

  7. Lockeisha James (verified owner)

    Very good diving tank, the quality looks good. We used it on holiday in the pool and the sea. Generally it can be used for about 15 minutes.

  8. Cblumenfeld (verified owner)

    So far so good. A little hard to put the air in with a hand pump. Need to invest in a compressor to make it go faster.

  9. Mike Cole (verified owner)

    Bought this for my son to use in the pool. He gets about 8 – 9 minutes of air per full tank. That’s only if he didn’t take any break. He loves it so much that we bought a second tank to extend the time.
    We bought a high pressure compressor off Amazon so we could fill on our own as it would get expensive in a hurry if you had to pay someone else for each refill. Each refill takes about 30 – 40 minutes. Well worth it!

  10. Linda Colto (verified owner)

    My grandson was very happy it was just what he wanted

  11. D Fraser (verified owner)

    Nice quality system. Well packaged and arrived quickly.

  12. Sean Stratton (verified owner)

    Bought as a gift and they loved it. Exactly what they were looking for. Excited to try it out this summer.

  13. MediaBoxEnt (verified owner)

    Getting ready to go to the beach and explore! this mini scuba tank was simple to learn how to use, it gives me comfortable 15 to 20 minutes to explore under water, even when I only stay for 10 minutes at a time, it is nice to know that there is always extra time!

  14. Michael (verified owner)

    Exactly what I thought I was ordering.

  15. Brian Wall (verified owner)

    Everything seems pretty well constructed. I was a little worried because the pump came first by itself?! The tank showed up a week later and everything is there as I ordered it. Not sure why it was two parcels but, I’m happy with the purchase. Thanks!

  16. Dalton n Mantz (verified owner)

    I got this as a fun thing to do on vacation to florida, the tank itself is really easy to figure out and use as someone who has never dived before, with a full tank I got about 8 minutes underwater, which was still really cool. I used the manual pump to fill the tank, which took quite a while, If you continuously pumped it without stopping it would probably take about 1 and a half hours, but it’s a workout. I highly suggest you also buy a weight belt because wearing this tank made me float, also if you have the money, buy an air compressor.

  17. Tess Jacob (verified owner)

    Good excellent product. Although a basic guide to Diving would be useful. I’m looking forward to a lot of fun. Check out some Diving manuals before you start.

  18. ST (verified owner)

    This mini scuba tank was the coolest and most unique gift I have ever received. I am a big scuba enthusiast and am used to the massive heavy tanked that are usually required. This mini tank is perfect for coral viewing in shallow water and is a ton of fun.
    The quality of the product is top-notch and the tank and fittings are heavy solid metal. Exactly what you would want for good scuba equipment. The mouthpiece is comfy and easy to use and well built. I would recommend this product to anyone!

  19. simon robichaud (verified owner)

    as described. functionnal. kids love it in the pool.

  20. chris (verified owner)

    Love this tank it’s not to bad to pump up well worth it. I bought the pump separately and has a built in filter that’s nice.

  21. Teresa Kyser (verified owner)

    This thing is great. I also removed the breathing part and bought some adaptors to hook it up to my air rifle

  22. Jules muscat (verified owner)

    I liked it very much I use it to check on the Neath my boat after I hit a rock

  23. Dalton n Mantz (verified owner)

    Great tank, greater workout.
    I got this as a fun thing to do on vacation to florida, the tank itself is really easy to figure out and use as someone who has never dived before, with a full tank I got about 8 minutes underwater, which was still really cool.
    I used the manual pump to fill the tank, which took quite a while, If you continuously pumped it without stopping it would probably take about 1 and a half hours, but it’s a workout.
    I highly suggest you also buy a weight belt because wearing this tank made me float, also if you have the money, buy an air compressor.

  24. Julio Menéndez (verified owner)

    Aspecto sólido y de calidad.
    Lega desarmado, pero es un procedimiento fácil y rápido. El aspecto general es de calidad. Una carga a 200 bar. da para unos 10 minutos, pero es suficiente para mis propósitos.

  25. ColdMidwest (verified owner)

    Treat it like real equipment and know you limits.
    If you treat it like a toy, it will last like a toy. I recommend finding a padded case or backpack (old school pack is what we use) to store it and transporting. I greased the o-rings with gasket grease, as they were very dry when I took them out of the packaging.

    When bringing it to a dive shop to get filled, place the tank in the refrigerator before hand so that it cools down. When it is getting filled, it will heat up quite a bit. Otherwise, you won’t have a full 3K psi in the tank when it cools. (so instead of 10min of air time, you will likely only have 6-8min)… No way is a full size adult getting 15min of air from this thing. This is for very short dives in shallow areas (20ft or less). But is is helpful when practicing and light activity. If you are expecting something to last more than 10min, you need to look at a different product.

    Getting a tank that is easily visible (in case you have to drop it and head to the surface) is good idea.

  26. Markus Brömmler (verified owner)

    Gutes Set für Anfänger.
    Dieses Tauchset ist gut verarbeitet und funktioniert wie es soll. Die Tasche eignet sich aber nur bedingt für den Transport mit montierter 1. Stufe, da die Flasche dann quer in die Tasche gelegt werden muss. Das Set ist relativ neutral unter Wasser. Zusätzliche Gewichte waren nicht notwendig. Das Set eignet sich vollständig für einen kurzen Tauchgang, ist aber nur Personen zu empfehlen, die einen entsprechenden Tauchschein besitzen.

  27. Lori B. (verified owner)

    Great for those simple dives.
    My son is thrilled with the system he purchased. As a certified diver, he finds the SMACO scuba tank to be the perfect system, which allows him to alternate between snorkeling and longer underwater treasure searching while in shallow water. Due to the tank air capacity it is not intended for long term underwater diving, but it does allow a treasure hunter to stay on the bottom long enough to utilize a metal detector or search an area more thoroughly.

  28. Leon (verified owner)

    Work in progress.
    The product is not perfect but has potential.
    The main issue is that, if you fill it from the air tank using adapter, you can fill it up only once.
    Next time if you fill it from the same tank, you can only fill 3/4. Then next time you can only fill half.
    I think it is related to pressure in the air tank. Only a full air tank will fill it up in full. So if you took an air tank with you and thinking you’re going to reuse it to fill it up, forget it. It won’t work.
    The other issue is that it does not give you 15 min downtime as advertised. I tried with full tank, calm, in shallow water and I get max 10 min.

  29. Stephen Marino (verified owner)

    Great gift for sailors
    My dad loves sailing so I got him this for one of his trips.
    Not only did he use it to scuba dive in the middle of the ocean, he also used it to fix the engine while in the middle of nowhere. This can make trips better or be a life saver!

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