SMACO M8058 Full Face Diving Mask

(28 customer reviews)

SMACO Full Face Diving Mask with Camera Mount, Full Face Scuba Mask for Adults Compatible with S400/S400 Plus/S400 Pro/S700 Scuba Diving Tank, Diving Mask Kit with Comfortable Breathing Design—Black


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Five highlights of SMACO M8058 Full-Face Diving Mask

Material optimization

The main body of the full-face diving mask is made of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), a material with excellent aging resistance, sunlight resistance, water resistance, UV resistance, etc. which not only can extend the life of the mask, but also bring safety protection to divers in cold and contaminated waters.

Please Note:

The SMACO M8058 Full Face Mask allows divers to user their own regulators and eliminating the heavy cost associated with standard FFMs, without sacrificing luxury.

It provides a simple method to adapt your own regulator to the mask by eliminating the bite down mouthpiece and tying your own reg in with the rest of the FFM.

No jaw fatigue, no dry mouth, better fit, five point head harness and clear views.

Greatly increase the diving depth

SMACO M8038 mask is only suitable for shallow diving at a depth of 3 meters, while the new one M8058 has a maximum diving depth of 40M. SMACO diving mask application field extends from snorkeling, recreational diving to commercial diving and technical diving. To ensure your safety, we recommend diving at a shallower depth of no more than 30M.

Comfortable wearing experience and individual appearance

M8058 adopts a five-point a five‑point strapping system with buckles that can be easily adjusted and replaced, with an extremely strong seal for comfortable wear. The skirt design is inclusive, and suitable for a variety of head shapes and sizes. The black gloss with simple lines both meet the functionality and bring divers personality and fashion aesthetic feelings.

Accurately match the respirator

The mask has a built-in secondary regulator, which allows you to breathe freely underwater with the respirator. Compared to SMACO M8038, the latest M8058 mask is more accurately matched with the air cylinder. Bring SMACO portable air scuba tank or traditional cylinder, and start diving trip to feel the unprecedented pleasure.

Why choose SMACO M8058?

1.Overcome complex diving environments

The M8058 fully meet your diving needs in polluted waters and cold waters below 10 degrees. It can prevent facial icing during dives to guarantees a more comfortable experience. (Additional training is required when diving in very cold waters).

2.A good partner for underwater work

Do you need to clear a clog? Have problems with the propeller? Together with the SMACO scuba tank, it will be a great partner for the crew. It not only helps you breathe freely when working underwater, but also effectively protects your face when faced with corrosive contaminants.

3.Easier to breathe and achieve underwater communication

The mask has a built-in second stage regulator, so you don’t need to bite down on the mouthpiece, which effectively reduces the discomfort in the mouth and relaxes your face.

4. Wear firmly

Five separate head straps are securely fastened, which accommodate a wider range of head shapes and sizes, reducing the possibility of the mask falling off accidentally.

5. More fun

The underwater intercom system achieves talking to dive partners, surface teams and anyone on the same channel underwater, which is a huge advantage for divers engaged in underwater search and other tasks with a need for underwater communication.

28 reviews for SMACO M8058 Full Face Diving Mask

  1. Stretch (verified owner)

    I recently picked up a 1.9L mini-scuba tank from SMACO and while it was great fun exploring and uh, getting my feet wet so to speak, I wanted to try something different from the separate mask and mouthpiece assembly as I found that my jaw would get sore after a while and this mask looked like it would do the job. Being very new to scuba diving, it was also important to me that I would be able to set it up without too much difficulty, and that was the case here as assembly and proper mask fitment were easy.

    I really loved the included GoPro style mount and the ability to get first person videos it provides. I also liked that the lenses are tempered glass rather than plastic, so they won’t get scratched up like so many pairs of goggles I’ve had. But that being said, I was surprised this kit didn’t include a storage bag of some sort as that would have been a nice and easy to include addition. When it came to fitting the mask I found it to be very comfortable and easy to adjust, and I liked the quick release tabs that are on the straps which I found easy to use. I found that it didn’t leak much at all on the couple of trips I took it on, though I’m not going exceptionally deep or for very long so keep that in mind.

  2. Mark Makie (verified owner)

    As a scuba diving, we all want something that we can use without biting on a piece and having our jaw feel feel or in pain later, so I bought the mask because the one I want is $800 dollars and I figured why not try this one out, the mask fits nice it really does I live the mask it fits snug and with waves crashing into you it’s not going anyway,
    Pros: nice fitting
    No jaw pain or irritation

    Cons: does leak (forgot to leave out)
    Fogging (which happens with every mask)

  3. Daniel (verified owner)

    It was delivered in time and it is exactly as written. I tested it and it seemed to work just fine I do suggest a better intake valve as it does leak in but nothing serious as you dive deeper the pressure tends to fix it. It works well with most of my regulators. Also I do advise reading and following the instructions as we did hopefully it will last a long time but will definitely be buying a second one.

  4. Kim lewis (verified owner)

    Comfortable & easy to use, I really love this mask! Mask fits and works great.

  5. Mark (verified owner)

    Comfortable & easy to use
    I think even pros or instructors who want to try a FFM before spending the really big bucks on the name brands would be happy with this mask.

  6. Kurt K. (verified owner)

    Great budget mask! I ordered this mask because I prefer not biting down on the regulator and having a sore jaw. It functions well except for a little leak at the surface that went away. The fit was good and easy to adjust. It comes with an ambient breathing valve and second exhaust valve. It did fog a bit as any of the masks I have used. This is a great setup to keep your mouth fatigue free!

  7. Richard (verified owner)

    Great, full of features, fits well, awesome price!
    I’ve been scuba diving for 25 years. I’ve tried a couple of different brands of Full Face Masks (FFM). In the past, I couldn’t justify that massive price tag attached to any of the “Name Brand” FFMs. I considered buying one of the cheap 3-strap versions similar to this, but when I tried one, I found the mask didn’t stay in place — it needed more than 3 straps.
    In addition to being much more secure, this mask has some of the features of the massively expensive FFMs. The Ambient Breathing Valve is awesome. It’s standard on this mask whereas it’s an addon for other brands. The ABV is a bit low on the mask and it breaths a bit slow. But it’s better than not having one.The additional exhaust ports are also very nice and tend to help purge water that leaks in. Although, it fits well and has a wide skirt, so it doesn’t leak much.
    Overall this is an impressive mask. I’ve brought it on dives with other divers wearing FFM’s. Like me, they are all very impressed with the quality and features of this mask. Even more, they are impressed with the price.

  8. William (verified owner)

    I really love this mask!
    Mask fits and works great. I use it with a surface supplied air system and it works great

  9. Mike Jackson (verified owner)

    Fits well, haven’t got to dive with yet, but all looks good.

  10. Monica (verified owner)

    This is a god mask for a beginner or seldom user for shallower depths. The main thing for me is that even though this is what I would call budget full face mask.

  11. Matt & Tracey (verified owner)

    Incredible full face mask! I absolutely am in love with this mask! It is so impressive looking while also having an incredibly strong build quality.
    I have the matching Smaco S700 tank which fits perfectly. It is better than described and I highly recommend it.

    Image #1 from Matt & Tracey
    Image #2 from Matt & Tracey
    Image #3 from Matt & Tracey
  12. Albert V (verified owner)

    I really like how soft and conforming the plastic is to your face putting it on. I got a tight seal around my face and the lenses are very clear. The camera mount makes it easy to connect and go film your adventures.

    Image #1 from Albert V
  13. TrashPandaMedia (verified owner)

    The mask is really comfortable and conforms to your face. Since it is a full face diving mask it does not pinch your nose and you can just breathe normally. Which for many users will mean more relaxed breathing. It is fully adjustable for both men and women. The camera mount is a nice feature also.

  14. Francis Tapon (verified owner)

    Excellent comprehensive diving mask,

  15. Chris (verified owner)

    Very nice! Works perfectly!

  16. EagleRay (verified owner)

    Fits great, works well.

  17. kneebuster (verified owner)

    I’ve not yet had a chance to use this on a dive. On land it fits comfortably and seals well. It’s easy to put on and off, and has good field of view. It’s probably not the best choice for a newby diver, and can’t be used with a snorkel.

  18. Ian Fisher (verified owner)

    Great full face mask for shallow diving

  19. Randall Baker (verified owner)

    This mask seems to get a good seal, will take it to the beach once hurricane recovery is complete and then test it out in the pool and then the gulf of mexico. I like full face masks but some seem to not seal well wiht my beard. I have tested this in the bathroom after trimming my beard and it seems to get a good seal and is comfortable.

  20. K. Love (verified owner)

    Great FFM for a intermediate to advanced diver. Like others have said it can take a bit to cut the hole for your regulator and make sure you have a good seal. I am not sure I would use this for anything deeper than 30 feet and haven’t tested it out in open water yet, just the pool. It fit comfortably and visibility is great. I prefer FFM’s because I can breathe easier in them. I may try and get the SMACO tank and do a dive in one of our local spots.

  21. professorwagoner (verified owner)

    A great mask that fits tight and is comfortable as well.

  22. Jimmy M (verified owner)

    Used it for the first time last week. I got to try this out last week and was very impressed with it. The full-face is much better for me; the standard goggles almost make me feel claustrophobic. I had no issues with leaking or fogging (make sure and prepare it properly to stop it from fogging). The goggles are light and comfortable to wear. They are simple to take off with the release tab.

  23. shimmy shim (verified owner)

    Great face mask. Fits comfortable and visibility is great.not for beginners. Overall great mask for light diving.

  24. Randall M. Rueff (K9RMR) (verified owner)

    This is a well made and comfortable full face mask for sport and recreational S.C.U.B.A. diving…
    It fits over the face very well and is easy to adjust. The tempered glass which you look through is very nice and very heavy duty. It is very comfortable and the things that need to be adjusted can be done so for the most part very easily. This is the best of it’s kind I have ever worn. I am very impressed and would recommend this mask to any and all sport and recreational divers especially ones like me who have a bad gag reflex and problems with standard S.C.U.B.A. regulator mouth pieces as this completely eliminates this problem, which I love love love. The is even a water drain built into the mask which in the old days was a set of small holes but this has been updated with a screw mechanism which allows you to completely close the hole when it is best to be closed and allows you to easily screw it back open when needed, I love love love this feature as well. It has a place for a small camera on the top and has a set of quick release valves on both sides for when you might need to take the mask of in a hurry and this too is a very nice feature. Masks of this kind have come a long way and compared to the others out there especially in this price range it is very very nice indeed. Two thumbs up and five stars which doesn’t meant is perfect but it is very good of it’s kind.
    Good day & God Bless…
    Randall M. Rueff

    Image #1 from Randall M. Rueff (K9RMR)
    Image #2 from Randall M. Rueff (K9RMR)
  25. Cliff (verified owner)

    First time going to full face with this. It is amazing. Can’t go back. Great fit. Great seal. Favorite piece of my scuba gear now. If you know, you know.

  26. Jesse H. (verified owner)

    love this mask, words can’t even begin to describe how great it is. Diving with a full face mask is just amazing compared to a normal mask and rig setup. I love how well this mask fits, even with my facial hair it seals really well. And the glasses attachment works fantastic with the mask.

  27. Shaw (verified owner)

    We used this in the pool and it has good suction and works great! Definitely big for an adult face!

  28. Stan B. (verified owner)

    Awesome full face mask, We haven’t tried this in the water as it’s been too cold to dive, but we’ve tried it on and love the way it snugs against our faces. I have a skinnier face and my wife’s face is rounder and it fits us both equally well. I love the fact that I don’t need to hold the regulator in my mouth while diving anymore. Our regulator fits well on this mask. I did try it out in the tub and it did not leak when fully submerged. I can hook my camera up to it for photography while diving and just point my head in the direction I want to take the picture or video. It also has a land valve so I can open that and breathe freely above water.

    If I may make a suggestion for another mask or an upgrade so to speak would be to add an attachment where I could attach a snorkel, that this would be a much better diving mask.

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