SMACO HEAP 1 Portable High-Pressure 4500Psi Electric Air Compressor

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SMACO PCP Air Compressor 4500Psi/30Mpa High Pressure Air Compressor Paintball Scuba Tank Compressor HPA Pump Fill Station Auto-Stop,Oil-Free Powered by 12V DC or 110V AC with Water/Oil Separator


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The SMACO electric air compressor is very compact and portable and It is suitable and convenient for filling your PCP or scuba tank anywhere. The compressor is designed with a professional transformer that can decrease current loss and avoid damage to the pump to increase its service life.

PCP Air Compressor
Set-Pressure & Cooling Fan
Portable Transformer
Super Easy To Connect


Power converter are integrated in compressor.this is a hpa pump that doesn’t need a transformer for wall outlet use,safer to use.SMACO scuba tank compressor can be powered by the 12V car battery, also can be powered by the home 110V/220V AC.This will make this air pumb more usefull as you can use it anywhere.


The filling of a pcp or paintball air gun is hassle-free. The Maximum work pressure of this air compressor is 4500Psi/30Mpa/300Bar. Two pointers in the pressure gauge, one for the real-time pressure, another one is used to set pressure. You just need to set a inflation pressure, and the machine will automatically stop filling when the preset air pressure is reached.


SMACO pcp air compressor is added built-in high-power fans, no need for an external water pump to cool. In addition, it is also equipped with an oil-water separator ,the 5μm fiber and active carbon combined filter element can effectively filter moisture and other contaminants in the air, output clean and dry high-pressure air.


Under work voltage(12V DC or 110/220V AC), the engine speed can reach up to 2700r/min, and the air output is 11L/min. Our test results followed: for 0.5L container from 0Psi to 3000Psi, it spent 11 mins; for 1L container from 0Psi to 3000Psi, it spent 26 mins; for 2L container from 0Psi to 3000Psi, it spent 46 mins.


This high pressure air pump only weight for 24.8 lbs, and the size is: 9.6*5.6*10 in, it’s easy for carry around.
(Note: after the inflation stops halfway,please release the pressure first and then start again, The duty cycle of the machine is 25 minutes run / 10 minutes cool)


This air compressor can be powered by the 12V DC car battery or powered by 110V-220V at home, it has a built-in inverter voltage conversion device, you can easily adjust it from 110V-220V AC with the user’s normal. Note: the initial setting is for 110V AC at home. The inflatable interface’s diameter is 8mm, which compatibles with most of the air gun/ paintball/scuba tank.


Weight 11.25 kg

10 reviews for SMACO HEAP 1 Portable High-Pressure 4500Psi Electric Air Compressor

  1. Sandro Herrera (verified owner)

    Nice quality product – Works great with our 1L scuba tank!

  2. Laramie Jordan (verified owner)

    Not to heavy and it’s mostly quiet…ive had one that’s quieter but it was also 3 times as much and 3 times as heavy… for the money its pretty great….not as a fast as my big one….but for you guys out there hand pumping, I suggest you get one of these, you will thank yourself

    Image #1 from Laramie Jordan
    Image #2 from Laramie Jordan
  3. Hemi (verified owner)

    Works great for 1 L. Having said that before you get into this game, get certified and wholeheartedly enjoy yourself. If not you may have a very bad day. Just saying!

  4. Emmanuel Addey (verified owner)

    This HPA air compressor is one of the greatest investments you can make when running HPA powered paintball markers. One of the biggest pros to having an HPA marker is the ability to self-fill the tank but without a good quality PCP compressor, you’ll have to resort to driving out to your local paintball field and getting it filled there. And some places even charge you to fill your tanks! This compressor not only equips you to fill your HPA tanks at home but also on the go via your car’s battery.
    The air compressor comes with everything that you need to get started. From wrenchs to extra anti-explosion diaphragms. You can go from box to pumping up air tanks in 5 minutes and that even includes filling the tanks. Everything was nice and secure in the box as well so I was confident things didn’t get dinged up. The unit itself is pretty compact to the point where you can transport 2 of these things in your car trunk and have space for groceries.
    The first time trying this thing I have a couple of things to point out, especially if this is your first PCP air compressor. First off, when you use this air compressor for the first time it might seem like it’s loud but compared to other air compressors this thing is relatively silent especially if there’s a wall separating you and the air compressor. The sound produced from this compressor is less of a thumping noise but rather the whine coming from the fans which are cooling the whole thing. The process to fill up one of my 48ci tanks was very simple. First, make sure that you have the switch located under the rubber piece at the top of the compressor is selected to your appropriate house voltage, toggle the 3 stages red switch to the same voltage and once that’s done you’re ready to hook up your air compressor to your HPA tank. Please make sure to use the water and oil separator since this will reduce the chance of failure and moisture getting into your air tank. Make sure to read the instructions if it’s your first time, you don’t want to make any mistakes that’ll cost you.
    For my test, I only pumped it up to 1000 psi since I didn’t plan on using the tank any time soon. It took about 5 minutes to pump my 48ci tank up to 1000 psi using wall power. Once it hit my set psi it automatically shut the pump but remember you don’t want to unplug it immediately. It’s important to keep it on for some time so the fans can cool it down.
    Overall the unit is compact, relatively quiet, and right when you get it you’re ready to get pumping either at home or via your car’s battery. This thing is not cheap but in the long run, it will pay itself off.

    Image #1 from Emmanuel Addey
  5. 2t (verified owner)

    I have a big one as Omega and a cheap small one for using on the field. Now, this one can be perfect as a medium size if I want to pick either one for my need. When I start the hobby of air gun, I know I have to invest for a compressor instead of hand pump. It is really helpful that I am a member of few air guns forum, collecting the experience from all difference air-gunners is a plus. Some types of PCP air compressors were too loud, some too slow, some too messy with oil or water and most were all too bulky and too heavy. Add up all those negatives and I can understand why most people are not happy to pay for any of those. This one is okay for medium size with nice design. No water hassles and no oil hassle because it has built in fans to cool it. Supposedly not too loud but it is still loud as my Omega. The instructions were also good and easy to understand. All the tools and small supplies came with the unit which was nice additions. I can keep everything together and know that I have all the tools if needed. I only run mine for 15 to 20 minutes at a session. Then I let it cool down for 10 to 15 minutes just be in the safe side. This one can either run by outlet plug in or my car. If I want to use my car, I have to make sure my car is on before plug this one in so I won’t walk home because my car will out of battery if I am not. The grease in an applicator and two threaded plugs that I unscrew to put a bit of heavy grease on moving parts when the time comes. The compressor comes pre-greased, so I just plug and play upon receipt. Max pressure is 300 BAR/4500 psi, but I will never go further than 4000 psi. It works like a champ for me.

    Image #1 from 2t
    Image #2 from 2t
    Image #3 from 2t
  6. Erick (verified owner)

    This little pump is kind of loud, but it’s so easy to use. First off make sure your tank can be used with high pressure air and not just a nitrogen tank. I barely ever use my paintball gun, but when it leaks down or I use it I end up going for months waiting to get around to a paintball field to get my tank refilled.

    Having this little pump on hand saves me from that hassle…There’s a plastic cover near the handle, take that off and make sure your voltage is correctly set to 115V for the US, connect your pressure line, install your water separator on the pressure line and connect your tank, plug the unit into the wall and you’ll hear the cooling fan start running, from here you set your desired pressure with the center arrow, and his the green start button on the front, once you hit that start the pump is providing pressure, tighten the bleed screw and sit around for the 30 minutes it takes for this to fill you to approx 3000psi. Once it hits the pressure you set the pump shuts off and starts bleeding down from lack of pressure, but your tank will be correctly filled. From here you just make sure the pump is set to off, allow the cooling fan to run for a few minutes to cool off the pump and then simply shut off the machine. Unscrew your bleed pressure valve and that releaves pressure from the pump pressure line ( your tnak will remain full ), then disconnect your tank and get to shooting. Very cool to be able to pump to such a high PSI from such a compact unit.

    Image #1 from Erick
    Image #2 from Erick
    Image #3 from Erick
    Image #4 from Erick
    Image #5 from Erick
    Image #6 from Erick
  7. Joe Nicholson (verified owner)

    Works as advertised. Very happy with this purchase. Using to refill my 1.5L tank, which I use to refill the little integrated tank on my .22 pellet air gun. NO MORE reliance on local scuba stores.

  8. Dusty Trails (verified owner)

    Let me start by saying, I have never used a pump like this, so I have nothing to compare it to. That being said, I ordered this based on the reviews and price. The pump was well packed and arrived in good condition. Very easy to assemble, and was up and running in no time. Instructions were easily understood. This pump works much better than the hand pump I have used for years! Can’t say how many years of service I will get out of it, but at this point I will give it 5 stars. It does what it says it is supposed to do, and I am very pleased with its performance.

  9. Markus von Crailsheim (verified owner)

    Der Kompressor ist super, vor allem, da er ohne Öl und ohne Wasserkühlung funktioniert. ISt ideal für die Minitauchflaschen sowie für Luftgewehre.
    Hatte zuvor einen Wassergekühlten Chinakompressor, der ordentlich Öl in die Filter geblasen hatte. Hier nichts auch in der Minitauchflasche, saubere Luft ohne Ölgeschmack.
    Empfehle trotzdem noch einen Vorfilter davor zu schalten, für alle Fälle.
    Ist auch eher leise im vergleich zu dem China Kompressor.
    Der Raum stinkt auch nicht nach Öl mit diesem Kompressor.

    Bin sehr zufrieden.

  10. Keiner von Vielen (verified owner)

    Der Kompressor wurde binnen 48 Stunden aus Frankreich geliefert.
    Gut verpackt, doppelt in Karton und in Styropor.
    Anleitung in vielen Sprachen, darunter auch in Deutsch mit gut erklärten Bildern.
    Er verbraucht mehr Watt, als angegeben.
    Aufpusten von ca. 1000 auf 2000 Psi bei einer 2L Flasche braucht ca. 12 Minuten. Lautstärke im Abstand von 5cm zum Gerät liegt bei 75 Dezibel.. 66 dB bei 2m Entfernung (nur mit Handy App gemessen).
    Er rüttelt ein wenig (siehe Video).
    Übermäßiger Geruch beim Betrieb (wie sonst bei chin. Geräten) war nicht festzustellen. Er war bereits auf 220V bei mir eingestellt.
    Werkzeug, Ersatzteile und ein Verschlussstück für den Druckschlauch liegen bei.
    Deutlich effektiver als eine Hand-Pumpe..
    Langzeit- und Haltbarkeitstest stehen noch aus.
    Alles in Allem ein sehr gutes, wertiges Gerät.

    Image #1 from Keiner von Vielen
    Image #2 from Keiner von Vielen
    Image #3 from Keiner von Vielen
    Image #4 from Keiner von Vielen
    Image #5 from Keiner von Vielen
    Image #6 from Keiner von Vielen
    Image #7 from Keiner von Vielen

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