SMACO S700 2L Scuba Tank Portable Mini Scuba Diving Tank

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SMACO S700 2L Scuba Tank Portable Mini Scuba Diving Tank—DOT Certified Tank with 25 Minutes Backup Diving Air Tank Kit Scuba Cylinder Underwater Breathing Device with Aluminum Hard Case


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New Arrivals, S700 2L Scuba Tank.

s700 scuba tank colors
 Brand    SMACO Type    S700 2L Scuba Tank
 Color    Green Black N.W    6.5kg
 Using time    up to 20 minutes Size    42.9 × 11.4 × 8.9cm
 Material    6061 Aviation Aluminum Capacity    2 L
 Max working pressure     3000psi/200bar/20Mpa Surface Technology     Hard oxidation + Plastic spraying
 Breathing valve thread     M18×1.5 Output way    Constant pressure is about 2Mpa
 Inflatable male     8mm Breathing times     (Calculated at 0.5L per breath) About 540 times
fresh air valve
smaco air tank features
lightweight scuba tank
inflate your scuba tank
s700 application
inspection and certification
  • Set A: a 2L scuba tank, aluminum hard case, a vest
  • Set B: a 2L scuba tank, aluminum hard case, a vest and a refill adapter
  • Set C: a 2L scuba tank, aluminum hard case, a vest and a smaco heap 1 electric air compressor
  • Set D: a 2L scuba tank, aluminum hard case, a vest and M8058 full face diving mask

For 1.9liter or 2liter: 2l in Europe, 1.9l in USA

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Green, Black


A, B, C, D


19 reviews for SMACO S700 2L Scuba Tank Portable Mini Scuba Diving Tank

  1. Eddie (verified owner)

    I had a wonderful vacation with this tank.It makes me crazy that I use this to treasure hunt in the river and it works perfect as a lightweight tank that helps me stay under longer. Gives you about 20 minutes underwater maybe a bit more. Easily refilled with a little muscle. Perfect for quick recreation. Over all I recommend it.

  2. John Compton (verified owner)

    Excellent product overall. No leaks. Smooth regulator and purge valve. Ships un-assembled but easy to assemble. Fills to capacity in about 15 minutes using a water-cooled 1800W scuba tank compressor. However the pressure gauge on this tank is very small in diameter (hard to see with foggy goggles underwater) and has a pretty short hose compared to full size rigs. I bought this strictly for shallow water diving from the beach (and/or paddleboard) and always use it with a wrist mount diving computer to monitor my depth and ascent rate. I personally would not suggest any rookies taking this thing down below 15 feet for serious safety reasons. You’ll get about 3 or 4 breaths left once you start to feel you have to pull air (when almost empty). Does not come with or integrate with any sort of Buoyancy Control Device (BCD). It’s neutrally buoyant with about 1,500 PSI in the tank.
    Remember, scuba diving is more dangerous than sky diving, so please don’t do either untrained. For example – imagine diving alone and running out of air 20+ feet underwater. The first instinct is to panic, hold your last breath and swim to the surface as fast as possible. This is literally the worst thing you can do. You’ll increase your heart rate (consume oxygen faster), over expand (rupture) your lungs on the way up, and turn the compressed liquid nitrogen in your blood into gas, causing “the bends” (if you don’t die first). The risk of death or serious injury becomes more probable the deeper you dive. Seriously, get trained so you know how to avoid this situation and what to do if you’re caught in it. Safe diving my friends.

    Image #1 from John Compton
    Image #2 from John Compton
  3. Craig Macfarlane (verified owner)

    Just bought a S700 kit and I think it’s great! I can easily carry it on my kayak and I get 20-30 mins of shallow diving/snorkelling from it, which is about what I’m looking for. I have one criticism though. The second stage regulator has quite a lot of breathing resistance – similar to a cheap octopus reg (I guess that’s what it is). There is an adjustment screw on the inlet of the mouthpiece but it doesn’t really make any difference (the two options are tight to breath or freeflow). It’s annoying me enough that I’m going to try putting a second stage from one fo my other scuba regulators on it. Otherwise, no complaints!

  4. A***i (verified owner)

    I have the smaco as a bailout rig, I bought a small compressor to fill it.
    One thing that I will say is the smaco tank is soo much fun when I’m just hanging out at the pool for the day. I have probably had more use out of it by far than my actual 80cu tank

  5. Amir (verified owner)

    I dived first time last year and since then wanted to try again and have the same experience. First, before buying expensive equipment I wanted to try something cheaper and smaller which would fit in my car. I browsed a lot and came across to this smaco brand mini scuba tank. Decided to buy and give a try with my buddy who is professional diver. So far experience was excellent, my first dive was 15 minute. It held very well, didn’t feel uncomfortable or unsafe under the water. I am going to give a try again, let’s see how it will work.

  6. Roy Salazar (verified owner)

    I had a wonderful vacation with this tank. It’s perfect as a lightweight tank that helps me stay underwater longer. Gives you about 20 minutes of underwater time, and a little more, perfect for quick entertainment. All in all I recommend it.

  7. Nicole Ray (verified owner)

    This gives me an extra 10 mins when messing around and not wanting to actually dive, but still wanna see something just outside my breath range.

  8. Diane Correa (verified owner)

    As descripbed
    The description is accurate
    Speed in charging

  9. Jon Dunagan (verified owner)

    I live in Kona, Hawaii. Purchased 2 of the Smaco 2l dive tanks and 2 of the 1l dive tanks. These products are just awesome!!! I have used them almost daily personally and with family members for 2 months now. I dive 15-30 ft down with a 5-6lb weight belt to swim with the giant Manta Rays, Spotted Eagle Rays, White Tip Reef sharks, Grey Sand sharks, schools of baitfish etc. They are dependable and give plenty of time underwater. the 1l tanks gives me 6 minutes at 30ft down and 12 minutes at 15ft down. The 2l gives me 12 minutes at 30ft down and 24 minutes at 15ft down. Best of all is that I can fill them to 3000 psi in my own home with the maintenance free GX CS2 compressor. It takes 22 minutes to fill the 1l tank and 44 minutes for the 2l tank. Nearly everyday I have people saying “wow” and “so cool” and asking me where to get them. Very impressed with this product and they are built solid. Many of my my family members have their larger full size tanks but would rather just use the Smaco tanks as they are so convenient and lightweight. I usually just wear mine while on my paddle board and jump in when I see something interesting. I tether myself with a 35ft rope to my paddleboard and have a dive flag on top. So fun!!!!!

  10. Miles Frank (verified owner)

    We used my S700 this past weekend in the pool for our Easter celebration! The Heap 1 pump worked great as well!

  11. Fabián (verified owner)

    El equipo funciona perfecto!!

  12. Douglas Masters (verified owner)

    The product is as specified in the specifications. All the parts seem to be of very high quality. In general, pumping a bottle with a hand pump does not make any sense, it is time consuming and tedious. I recommend a compressor or filling directly from a larger bottle.

  13. Melba (verified owner)

    This kit has everything you need to get started,I received my unit and the quality was better than expected. It comes with cutout foam to fit the tank and accessories in the case.

  14. István (verified owner)

    The big one… with slow breathing rate I reached 60 minutes at 1.2 meters
    Someone wrote 6 minutes… well than his/her breathing rate is by far too fast and/or deep

    1.0 litre on 200 bar (3,000 psi) = 200 liters air
    An avarage person inhales (and exhales) 10 liters per minute (my scuba diving book from the 80s says 20-25 on surface).
    20-30 minutes inshallow water, depending on your breathing rate. Mine is 2 per minute on same depth level. Yes, 30 minutes at 1.2 meters. Sometimes only 20 or only 15, but than there is hard work.

    But be aware regardless of – S300, S400 or S700 – of going deep! 100 liters on surface is only 50 liters at 10 meters (half the time!) and 33 liters at 20 meters, 25 liters at 30 meters… do not dive deeper as recommended (3-4 meters), maximum a touchdown to 10 meters, but than exhale long at ascending and ascend slowly!

    But I love all of them! Simple to handle, good quality (have 30 hours within two weeks with two S700 (2L) and one S400 (1.0L) in swimming pool, 960 liters and few minutes over 3 hours, if I work hard 2 hours, but never less.

  15. Mark Hall (verified owner)

    In perspective this is a great purchase. Its not as sophisticated as my open water gear, but first that gear costs a fortune and second this wasnt designed to be applied to that use case. The small size makes it super handy to be in the cockpit of the boat and jump over the side at any given moment! The compressor worked great! Mouth piece was a bit stiff but sufficient. Received my order within a week. Bought the 4L , tube pack and compressor. Thinking about purchasing a second smaller set for the pool. Just add a weight pocket on either side and it’d give it a 10! BTW, I. Am much more pleased with your products than I ever was with my Spare Air buys!Thanks for getting this to market at such an affordable price. Mark

  16. Amanda (verified owner)

    A super handy and lightweight system.I bought this to use in the lake and in the pool. It’s absolutely perfect for getting under the boat to clean it off or retrieve something dropped off the dock. It will provide about 15 mins of air by my calculations. Maybe 30 for a smaller person. It is Quality gear that will hold up well. This will get mild to medium use as we are not on the lake full time. It’s also great for search and rescue and quick recovery dives. Absolutely great to have around. Very handy.

  17. Romping (verified owner)

    If you have level 1 certification this is a great product. It takes about 45 minutes to pump up the tank and depending how much experience you have it will last for 10-20 minutes. E.g. inexperienced folks work too hard underwater and breath too hard which increase rate of air consumption. The pump generates a lot of heat so I’m not sure how long it will last, but it has strong fans to push the hot air out. Personally, I come back and disconnect before it hits the target level by setting a timer on my watch. Make sure to read the directions, because if you don’t bleed off the air before disconnecting from the bottle it could discharge a lot of air in an uncontrolled manner. The regulator, pressure dial and backpack harness are all excellent. Very happy with this product.

  18. Jon (verified owner)

    Here are some pictures and video today I took with my Smaco 700a.  This was off the Kona coast in Hawaii at 35 feet deep.  These Manta Rays are 12-14 ft across. Thanks for making such a great product!

    Image #1 from Jon
    Image #2 from Jon
    Image #3 from Jon
    Image #4 from Jon
  19. Samantha (verified owner)

    Wow this is such nice quality and I can not wait to use it! it comes with everything that you need. Shipping was fast and the quality is outstanding.

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