SMACO S700 2L Portable Scuba Diving Tank with Full Face Diving Mask

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SMACO Mini Scuba Tank with Full Face Diving Mask,S700 2L Portable Mini Diving Tank Reusable Pony Bottle —DOT Certified Tank with 25-30 Minutes Diving Cylinder for Underwater Exploration.


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SMACO S700 Scuba Diving Tank with Full Face Diving Mask


The combination of the M8058 full face mask and S700 scuba tank is perfect for diving or exploring wrecks and caves.It has a capacity of 2L and can breathe underwater for Up To 25 minutes(Please note that different environments and breathing rates will cause different usage times).It also equips with a camera mount. You can easily attach your camera to capture the amazing moment. (Attention: Diving depth, temperature, and breathing rate will affect the use time of the scuba tank.)


The full face mask comes standard with a surface air valve, so you don’t waste compressed gas on the surface.letting you breathe through a valve on the right side of the mask.The left air valve can not only exhaust, but also install a microphone.


The full-face diving mask provides an excellent fit, thanks to the adjustable 5-point head harness. we can freely adjust the strap according to our facial contours. At the same time, the quick release pull bell can help us to take off the diving mask quickly.


Diving mask made of premium food grade silicone,which has no odor, no oxidation and discoloration, and most importantly, it does not cause skin allergies.At the same time, the body of the diving tank is made of aviation aluminum alloy, which can better resist corrosion and withstand pressure.

smaco scuba tank with M8058

The S700 scuba tank has passed the DOT certification and can be inflated directly at the diving shop.
Use the 8mm SMACO refill adapter. The large diving tank leads to the small diving tank , the filling time is 16 seconds.
SMACO air compressor, the filling time is 46 minutes. Easily solve inflation problems.(The air pressure of the diving bottle cannot exceed 3000psi)


Weight 7000 kg

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7 reviews for SMACO S700 2L Portable Scuba Diving Tank with Full Face Diving Mask

  1. Fabián (verified owner)

    El equipo funciona perfecto!!

  2. RompingStallion (verified owner)

    Great quality product. If you have level 1 certification this is a great product. It takes about 45 minutes to pump up the tank and depending how much experience you have it will last for 10-20 minutes. E.g. inexperienced folks work too hard underwater and breath too hard which increase rate of air consumption. The pump generates a lot of heat so I’m not sure how long it will last, but it has strong fans to push the hot air out. Personally, I come back and disconnect before it hits the target level by setting a timer on my watch. Make sure to read the directions, because if you don’t bleed off the air before disconnecting from the bottle it could discharge a lot of air in an uncontrolled manner. The regulator, pressure dial and backpack harness are all excellent. Very happy with this product.

  3. Jon (verified owner)

    Wonderful In Hawaii!!! I live in Kona, Hawaii. Purchased 2 of the Smaco 1.9l dive tanks and 2 of the 1l dive tanks. These products are just awesome!!! I have used them almost daily personally and with family members for 5 months now on over 80 dives. I dive 15-40 ft down with a 5-6lb weight belt to swim with the giant Manta Rays, Spotted Eagle Rays, White Tip Reef sharks, Grey Sand sharks, schools of baitfish etc. They are very dependable and give plenty of time underwater. the 1l tanks gives me 6 minutes at 30ft down and 12 minutes at 15ft down. The 1.9l gives me 12 minutes at 30ft down and 24 minutes at 15ft down. Best of all is that I can fill them to 3000 psi in my own home with the maintenance free GX CS2 compressor. It takes 22 minutes to fill the 1l tank and 44 minutes for the 1.9l tank. Nearly everyday I have people saying “wow” and “so cool” and asking me where to get them. Very impressed with this product and they are built solid. Many of my my family members have their larger full size tanks but would rather just use the Smaco tanks as they are so convenient and lightweight. I usually just wear mine while on my paddle board and jump in when I see something interesting. I tether myself with a 35ft rope to my paddleboard and have a dive flag on top. So fun!!!!!

    Image #1 from Jon
  4. John (verified owner)

    Compressor, tubing, tank, regulator, gauges, etc all working very well
    I needed a small, light SCUBA system for light SCUBA work (hull and propeller cleaning under a boat). I really enjoy the compressor that can be powered by 12VDC. VERY convenient, allows me to fill tank and use while on the water in the boat away from 120VDC. This system freed me from having to make trips to dive centers to charge large tanks. Compressor charges the 1.9 L tank without leaks, runs well, gauges accurate/consistent, and I have no complaints. I like the light backpack included.

  5. LKF (verified owner)

    I bought this so that I could spend time inspecting and repairing pools below the surface without having to come up for air constantly.

    The kit is amazing! Recommended!

  6. Tommy B (verified owner)

    Exactly What I Needed! I’m stuck maintaining a huge 50+ year old inground swimming pool (that badly needs replastering but would cost a fortune). It’s 12 feet deep, and some leaks needed to be found and fixed, so I considered scuba lessons until I found this tank and compressor. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I get at least 20 minutes underwater (25 minutes twice) and was easily able to find and patch one leak at 12′, along with a few others too. I can also brush the bottom corners now (and other formerly hard to reach spots), and actually have fun doing it. I had a slight problem with the compressor about six weeks after purchase, but that was easily resolved with some additional information from their tech. I’m glad I bought this rig!

    Image #1 from Tommy B
    Image #2 from Tommy B
  7. M Kelly (verified owner)

    I bought this for my boys to start learning the basics of scuba diving and as a backup for my Bigger 80 cu ft tank.

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