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S300Plus Mini air tank

SMACO Scuba Tank, S300Plus Portable Mini Dive Cylinder with 5-8 Diving Minutes Capability, Corrosion Resistant Material, with Constant Pressure Valve, Refillable Pony Bottle for Emergency Backup.

SMACO S300Plus Series Mini Scuba Diving Tank

This mini diving tank can provide a whole new diving experience. With an integrated breathing release valve, there is no need to carry heavy scuba cylinders, no complicated diving requirements, and you can breathe easily underwater by biting the breathing mouthpiece. The cylinders are small and lightweight so they won't get in the way of your diving activities. It is a good choice whether it is for beginner diving practice or as a backup diving tank.

Three reasons to choose SMACO mini scuba tanks
Easy to use

There are no complicated operation requirements for SMACO mini scuba tank, just bite the mouthpiece and breathe.

Mini size

Can be carried with one hand. When used underwater, just simply bite on the mouthpiece to carry the mini scuba, giving you more freedom of underwater movement.

Can be taken on plane

After the cylinder is disassembled(unscrew the regulator and tank body), it can be taken on the plane, allowing you to enjoy diving at any time.

Scuba diving and photography

SMACO Mini Scuba Tanks can withstand 5-10 minutes of breathing in waters below 10 meters. You can use it for underwater photography, fancy diving and other activities. Moreover, the scuba tank is detachable and fits easily into your suitcase, so you can take it on the plane to start your dives in more places.

SpearFishing and underwater work

S300Plus 0.5l mini diving cylinders can also be used for various underwater operations and are more convenient and easier to use than larger diving cylinders. No need to carry heavy diving equipment, no long breathing hose, just bite the mouthpiece to breathe normally underwater, which can greatly improve your underwater work efficiency.

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underwater entertainment

Underwater heat escape, shallow water diving challenges, etc.

underwater photography

Spearfishing or capturing underwater landscapes with a camera.

spare gas cylinder

It can be used as backup air for 30 meters underwater, escorting you at critical moments.

Our services

We provide free returns within 30 days and 24-hour online service, if you have any questions about the product, please fell free to consult.

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1 review for SMACO S300Plus 0.5l Scuba Tank 2 Pcs | BOGO

  1. Max K (verified owner)

    This tank is very small and light weight. I have another tank (a pony bottle) that I use for deep dives. But it is rather heavy and requires a mounting bracket to keep it in place during a dive. This is easier to strap on. It also takes up less room.

    When you compare this to other products that are marketed to scuba divers, this is a very good value. I wont name names, but an almost identical product is being sold for 3x this price.

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