SMACO Scuba Diving Black Silicone Mouthpiece with Regulator Tie 4pcs

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Smaco Comfort Replaceable Mouthpiece


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Comfort Replaceable Mouthpiece

  • Special mouthpiece design to reduce jaw fatigue
  • High quality, soft silicone, comfortable design
  • Completely moldable mouthpiece fit theeth,relaxes facial muscles.
  • Fits most regulators
  • Black regulator tie included

Scuba Diving Silicone Mouthpiece Replacement Regulator Snorkel Comfort Underwater Accessories. Scuba Diving Black Silicone Long Bite Mouthpiece with Regulator Tie.

4Pcs in Package:

  • A pack of four mouthpieces and four regulator tie included.

4 reviews for SMACO Scuba Diving Black Silicone Mouthpiece with Regulator Tie 4pcs

  1. Bowhunter (verified owner)

    Fits well and feels good. I use it for 6+ hour dives in shallow water for work. Great product for the price.

  2. Gregory (verified owner)

    Fantastic comfortable, very comfortable even on long dives

  3. Ricardo Luquetta (verified owner)

    Be that person who comes to the rescue of the “I just finished my openwater certification” newbie who has just realized that he/she has just chewed through the tool that helps them breathe underwater on the previous dive.
    Imagine the sorrowful look on their face as they contemplate not being able return to those magical depths.
    but WAIT!!!
    You’re a developed diver who knows that its not about if but when gear breaks,
    Of course you have a few of these maybe even 10 of them packed away in your save a dive kit.
    And why wouldn’t you, especially when the price is so low.

  4. S. Baker (verified owner)

    I have added this to my scuba diving bag as a replacement.

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