SMACO Wireless Underwater Communications


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Wireless communication breaks barrier!

Smaco offers a full line of user friendly voice underwater communications for SCUBA divers and Surface Vessels with the world’s most sophisticated technology. Unrivaled Signal Clarity and reception is achieved by custom microchip circuitry for ultrasonic transmission and reception.

Smaco manufacturers the best quality wireless underwater communications on the market. Our state-of-the art technology provides clarity and power that are second to none. Furthermore our wireless underwater communications are used by militaries and professional divers worldwide.

how DO underwater wireless communications work

So how does it work? Wireless underwater communications uses water to carry an acoustic signal from one transceiver to another, much like the way dolphins use sonar to communicate -the rest is magic (or, technology). Our products are battery operated, push-to-talk, and with ranges that can reach up to 3000 meters! We offer many features such as multiple channels, frequencies, and menus, with options such as volume control to enhance the experience. Similar to a two way radio, simply push your push-to-talk button, say what you want to say, release the button and communication is underway.

SMACO Diver underwater communication system

It combines automatic voice activation, gain and squelch, to allow for hands free operation.

• Rugged, waterproof microphones that may be submerged to 60/150m depth
• Compact and highly portable
• Versatile, simple operation with easy to read battery state
• Output power levels from 0.6 to 20 watts
• Ranges up to 3000 Meters with 20 watt models
• Recreational, Training, Commercial, Police Search and Recovery, and Navy Markets
• Improve Safety • Coordinate Divers • Talk to Surface Team • Reduce Stress • Improve Mission Success

Who Uses Wireless Underwater Communications?
  • Recreational Divers
  • Videographers & Photographers (Film & Television)
  • Underwater Tour guides
  • Instructors
  • Search & Rescue Dive Teams
  • Commercial Divers
  • Military


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