Get Your Best Partner-SMACO HEAP 1 Electric Air Compressor, Mini, Safe and Portable

High-Pressure Electric Air Compressor
Solve your inflation problem perfectly!! 

Is keeping enough air on hand to power your pre-charged pneumatic airgun or scuba tank becoming an arduous task? If so, maybe it’s time to look into your own, personal air compressor.

SMACO HEAP 1 Electric Air Compressor is convenient, compact, and inflatable quickly, can fit the needs of everyone from casual, weekend warriors to gun clubs and shooting/scuba diving ranges.

This PCP air pump is compact and portable, and it is not necessary to add oil and circulate cooling water to reduce the trouble of connecting an additional water pump.
The operation is very simple.The air rifle compressor is designed with a set-pressure gauge and temperature LED screen.

Small, safe and portable is the biggest feature. Without oil and electricity so can be carried by plane, and it is also very convenient for the car…
Do you want to learn more? SMACO HEAP 1 Electric Air Pump for PCP Air Rifles or Scuba Tank… Come and get your best partner Now!!


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