Dive into summer with a pool party!

How to celebrate this summer with hot inspiration?

Among the top answers, there must be “pool party”. As long as the summer pool party picture comes to mind, it seems that the cooling effect is automatically turned on.Planning a perfect pool party is definitely a cool oasis for summer, not just to beat the heat, but more of a spiritual liberation station. Immerse yourself in the water for ultimate relaxation, feel the breeze caressing your skin, and express your intimate relationship with family and friends in a daylight-intoxicating vibe… Who wouldn’t love it in the summer?

Join SMACO now and get ready for an unforgettable summer pool party!

Tropical theme, tassel and balloon palm tree decoration, bright flamingo floats, colorful snow cone cups… We don’t teach you this, add some scuba and snorkeling elements to this party, like what we would do more! Come and look, would you like this summer private pool event program?

Private Program 1: Dive for Treasure

How to arouse children’s interest with fun pool activities?

Try the pool diving for treasure. Equip the kids with SMACO S400 (1L) or S500 (0.7L) mini scuba diving tank that look like they were custom-made for the pool party, and set off on a private treasure hunt in a summer backyard oasis.

First, depending on the number of children, randomly place a certain number of coins or small waterproof toys into the pool in advance. The type and quantity are up to you.

Thenthe party starts, and the kids bring mini scuba tanks and dive in groups to hunt for treasure until all the underwater inputs are brought ashore.

Finally, the winners will be selected based on the number of treasures obtained by the group, competition and cooperation, children must have a lot of fun!

Private Program 2: Pool Snorkeling Photography

Swimming alone in the coolest swimsuit? Too boring and monotonous! 

First, get the suitable fins, mask and snorkel, or put on our latest M8058 full diving mask. Its comfortable silicone material fits your face perfectly, allowing you to breathe freely and interact with your buddies in a clear view , this is a simply great experience! Then, when the lively water splashes, the pool photographer must be on the scene to record the funny moments under the pool for the friends. After all: no photo = didn’t happen. Finally, leave a light and fun suspense for the party. Set up a Best of Pool Snorkeling Photo and post it when the party highlights reel are completed.

Private Program 3: Super Scuba Practice Party

Been waiting for a long time for your diving trip planning date? Trust me, the weekend backyard pool is enough to satisfy the dive desire before reaching the shores of a romantic island.Invite with your diver friends now and start a super scuba practice pool party for your latest dive plan! Bring the mini scuba tank, you know, the S700 (2L scuba diving tank) at home can’t wait to show up with you. Lightweight and portable, the regulator works stably, as if enjoying the pleasure of diving in natural waters.Diving has never been a one-man sport. Practice together in a carefully arranged exclusive space, give each other appropriate reminders and guidance, consolidate diving skills, and greatly increase the fun. With a glass of ending cold drink, who would refuse such an invitation?

Hot Summer inspiration is never without water, so welcome to adopt the summer recommendations from SMACO. Start a unique summer pool party, with the collision of heat and coolness, dive into the summer with your family and friends now!

Of course, it would be our great honor to receive pictures or videos of the party recorded with SMACO before the end of the summer.

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