SMACO Scuba Regulators for S400 Plus 1liter Mini Scuba Tank

SMACO Scuba Regulators for Mini Scuba Tank Scuba Diving, Featuring a medium pressure hose, 360° rotatable regulator, and second stage respirator. High-quality diving regulator designed for divers, ensures a safe and comfortable underwater experience.Support 3000psi/200bar/20Mpa Air Pressure, Support Scuba Tank. – Discover its features, benefits, and why it’s a must-have for your underwater sports.


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SMACO Intermediate Pressure Hose with 360° Rotating Deco Valve for 1L Mini Scuba Tank

Product Features:

  • First Stage Regulator: The precision-engineered first stage regulator provides reliable and efficient pressure control for optimal diving performance.
  • Medium Pressure Hose: The durable medium pressure hose connects the first stage regulator to the second stage respirator, delivering a steady flow of air.
  • Second Stage Respirator: Equipped with a comfortable mouthpiece, the second stage respirator allows for effortless and natural breathing while underwater.
  • Constant Pressure with 360° Rotatable Adapter: The integrated 360° rotatable adapter ensures unrestricted movement, enabling stable and consistent pressure during every dive.
  • Universal Diving Valve: The universal diving valve allows for easy compatibility with various diving equipment, providing versatility and convenience.
  • Constructed with 6061 Aviation Aluminum: Crafted from high-quality 6061 aviation aluminum, this scuba tank is both durable and corrosion-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Food-Grade Silicone Mouthpiece: The food-grade silicone mouthpiece offers a safe and comfortable fit, promoting a pleasant diving experience without any discomfort, provides a safe and odorless breathing experience.
  • 5K PSI Burst Disc Valve: The built-in 5K PSI burst disc valve provides additional safety measures, ensuring reliable pressure release when needed.
  • Main Valve Switch: The main valve switch allows for effortless control of the airflow, enabling easy adjustment during dives.
  • Pressure Gauge: The pressure gauge provides clear and accurate readings of the tank’s internal pressure, allowing for better monitoring and safety.
  • High-Quality O-Rings: The inclusion of high-quality O-rings ensures a secure and airtight seal, minimizing the risk of leaks or pressure loss.
  • One-Way Inflator with Dual-Stage Gas Filtration: The one-way inflator with dual-stage gas filtration offers efficient and effective gas intake, featuring a 0.03-micron primary filter and a high polymer secondary filter for enhanced gas purity.
  • Top Pressure Relief Valve: The top pressure relief valve allows for easy pressure release by gently pressing, ensuring effortless water drainage underwater.

Support ——Compatiable with SMACO 1L mini scuba tank S400/S400Plus/S400Pro series

Explore the depths of the ocean with confidence and comfort using the SMACO 1-liter Mini Scuba Tank. Trust in its exceptional quality and advanced features for an unforgettable underwater adventure.


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Black Regulator, First Stage, Green Regulator, Orange Regulator


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