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How long dose it take to fill a bottle? How many minutes?

Depends on the volume of it.

The 0.5 liter up to 200 bars (3,000 psi): 15 minutes. The 1.0 liter up to 30 minutes. With the 2 liter it struggles a bit, you have to make a pause to let it cool down, once or twice, so more then an hour. With more and more operational 50mins it will reach 200 bars.
How many times can you fill? Hard question, depends on the airtemperature surrounding it, and the propper usage: cooling every 20-30 minutes for 10 minutes, you feel it, when it cooled down. Do as above at it will work for long time. If not, you can expect a short lifespan.

Never forget 200 bar is extreme high pressure, look to the compressor for your car… 10-12 bars maybe.