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Can you refill smaco mini scuba tank?

There are 4 easy methods for refilling Smaco mini scuba tank:

  1. Refilling from a Large SCUBA Tank: You can refill the mini scuba tank with a refill adapter from a filled 3000 psi large scuba tank(Ps: The large scuba tank must be full in order to completely fill mini scuba tank).
  2. Refilling from a Local Dive Shop: The Smaco mini scuba tank can be filled at any local scuba diving shops with a refill adapter.
  3. Refilling from a Compact Air Compressor: Refill from the comfort of your home, boat or anywhere you need quick and easy access to fill your mini scuba tank, Heap 1 Air Compressor is perfect solution,Click here for more information.
  4. Refilling from a High-pressure Hand Pump: This is a backup emergency inflation device, It is a more laborious way to inflate. But you can fill the mini scuba tank anywhere, anytime using our quality High-pressure Hand Pump. You just supply the man-power! Comes with an oil/water filter to fill Smaco mini scuba tank.