Why Do Divers Need SMACO S700 Air Tanks?

Ready to dive in?

Are you no longer satisfied with snorkeling on the surface of the water? Do you dream of enjoying the beauty of the ocean depths? Immerse yourself in the world of cool water sport this summer, add some unique fun to your yacht and pool parties. Would you like to save your hull problems with a short scuba dive? In any case, for various reasons, you want to start or continue scuba diving.

Well, we have insight into people who have needs of scuba diving: snorkelers, spearfishers, sailors, fishermen living on boats, beginners or professional divers (scuba/freediving),etc., Meet their different needs and make diving as much fun and easy as possible. The SMACO S700 mini scuba tank has excellent performance in 4 aspects of usability, economy, safety and portability, which makes it one of the best equipment for scuba diving!

We were born with an inextricable connection to water, and our longing for color blue is almost instinctive, we eager to connect and inspire more creativity. So scuba diving equipment has been created to solve the difficulty that people cannot breathe freely underwater like fish, makes the impossible possible, and allows us to have enough time to explore the ocean.

The emergence of the SMACO mini scuba tank enables the public to have the opportunity to explore the sea in shallow waters, and makes scuba diving open to more people. In a simpler way, you can start diving in any unexplored waters around you anytime, anywhere. Of course, you must carefully study the usage and precautions of the product, or ask a professional for advice. After all, scuba diving is a highly interesting but also dangerous sport.

Unlock scuba diving now! Find out here, 4 reasons why we recommend the S700 to you.

Reason 1: S700 Mini Scuba Tank is Super Easy to Use

SMACO S700 mini scuba tank, the same configuration but much smaller than a conventional diving tank, you can assemble it independently and use it quickly.

Check out the S700 components: aluminum tank body, primary regulator, epitaxial pressure gauge, secondary regulator. The primary valve has 2 ports, one is connected to a visual scuba pressure gauge, which is convenient for you to check the air pressure at any time underwater; the other is connected to the secondary regulator to stably deliver the air in the tank. Once assembled, filled with air, your exclusive scuba diving adventure is about to begin. Remember, the pressure must be released after inflation!

Put the tank full of compressed air into the diving vest, release your hands, fix the regulator in your mouth, press the breathing valve at this moment, and easily enjoy the satisfaction of stable breathing underwater. Importantly! you can use it after carefully reading our safety reminders and operating rules, which will make scuba diving easier for you.

(For instructions on how to assemble a mini scuba tank, please watch it at Youtube: Smaco Scuba)

Reason 2:  Start Scuba Diving at a Lower Cost.

Honestly, which of the experienced divers will refuse the ideal equipment that will reduce the cost of investment for him? If you don’t like to bring heavy, pricey scuba gear and only use it on vacation, just need a enjoyable shallow water diving with family or friends, then the S700 2L Scuba Tank is the best investment.

Portable, comfortable and affordable, you can start scuba diving at a much lower cost without the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars that spent on a dive gear kit (BCD, regulator, gauge and dive computer). The S700 is priced at $469.99. If you have never made a purchase on SMACO official website, just go and get a newcomer coupon on our homepage now, you will get it at a better price. Lower expenses, same experience, why not?

When you really feel the unique joy of scuba diving, and after many short, low-depth dives, you can determine if you are suitable for the sport, and then decide to invest more time and spend. 

Reason 3: DOT Certified to Protect Your Independence Underwater

All SMACO products are designed and manufactured with priority given to one purpose: to protect your breathing safety underwater more rigorously and comprehensively. This is what we will never change. SMACO mini scuba tanks are DOT certified so you can trust and use them with peace of mind. The cylinder is made of aluminum. Compared with the steel cylinders, it can withstand more pressure, is not easy to deform, and the aluminum cylinder is not easy to rust, which is very important for divers.

Concerned about the quality of the air you breathe in? No need. The primary valve of S700 has a built-in micron air filter to trap impurities, so you can breathe clean, fresh air every time you dive. Also, for the most worried, is there an explosion problem due to too high pressure? The S700 has an explosion-proof valve on the outside of the primary valve, once the pressure reaches 5000psi, it will automatically release the pressure to protect your tank.

Reason 4: Enjoy Portability and Sustainability

Did the bulky scuba equipment make you feel stressed when you went out? The lightweight mini air tank keeps your outfit fresh and free at all times, portable and easy to store. Small and compact, it is very suitable for spearfishing amateurs, sailors, and fishermen who live on the boat for a long time, because only a small space is needed, it can be easily stored on your boat, giving you the joy of diving at any time and helping solve some emergencies.

Or packing it into the suitcase after disassembling, weighing 3.61kg, you have not to worry about the luggage allowance at all, just enjoy the freedom of diving during the trip and complete your diving travel list. Also, you have 3 ways to inflate it:1) go to any dive shop, 2) use a scuba refill adapter to fill it from big diving tank, 3) fill with SMACO electric air compressor, which makes the bottle sustainable. The high-pressure hand pump is not suitable for S700, it will be a huge physical effort for filling 2L capacity!

The full capacity of the S700 can provide 20-25 minutes of diving time. The exact use time will be determined according to your breathing rate, depth, and water temperature. For scuba diving in shallow water, this will be a sufficient and suitable time. When it comes to scuba diving, the ultimate fun always comes with danger. Choose a suitable set of equipment and practice more underwater, then the potential danger will be greatly reduced. After all, the best way to resist danger is to fully understand and face it directly.

The SMACO S700 mini scuba tank is easy to use, affordable, safe and portable, and makes us have to recommend it to you.

For these 4 reasons above, S700 is one of the best portable scuba air tanks for divers, get ready to unlock the coolest scuba trips this summer, check out the S700 product page here to make your purchase!

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