When did you decide to break the current situation?

“All the time.”

In traditional diving equipment market, the cylinder is inconvenient to carry out, which cannot meet the short-term and high-frequency diving needs. As a result, we began to think about: What kind of innovative diving breathing gear can perfectly fit that needs?

Subsequently, 4 R&D keywords had appeared: Safe, Portable, Short-term breathing, and More accessible. Aiming to “break through traditions, make innovative products, and help users easier and safer to approach the underwater world”, the SMACO brand was born.

SMACO believes that good products not only serve individuals but also serve families and society. We want to make sure that when you are in relaxed or in an emergency, we can solve your problem. You just need it, and we happen to be there.

The mission of SMACO

Let people love to Feel nature, Feel life, and Get More happiness.

Dive for a few minutes:

Dive for a few minutes anytime, anywhere seems to be contrary to the perception of mainstream diving equipment market. In 2018, the first generation of SMACO diving tank: 0.5L S300 mini scuba tank was launched. The compact shape of bottle was in great contrast to traditional diving cylinders, with the upgrade and improvement of the product, the customer’s love and recognition,we finally completed an excellent counterattack. More and more people choose SMACO mini scuba tank because it truly expands existing methods of diving, which makes diving and underwater operations more frequent and more accessible.

At SMACO you can get snorkeling equipment, life-saving bracelets, diving equipment, underwater propellers, underwater robots, diving flashlights, snorkeling/diving masks, etc. Products are widely used in firefighting and water rescue, life and leisure travel, underwater scientific investigation and detection, personal safety protection, etc.

SMACO has always been adhering to the service tenet of being close to nature, feeling life, and creating happiness, and continues to provide customers with safe and quality products and services. 

That’s all what we do: Be the most trusted partner & protector in your diving life.

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